English Edition Volume 14

Electron beam welding

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“Electron beam welding – Principles, equipment and applications” is the translation of the third completely revised and extended German edition. In recent years, new electronic control systems have considerably expanded the economic application possibilities of electron beam welding in production. This technical book represents the state of the art and is aimed at engineers. Electron beam welding is described in detail, vividly and as fundamentally as possible in trials, development and production, so that the expert, can find independent solutions and make decisions based on his or her own considerations in welding practice.


The following sections were extensively revised or are new additions:

– static and dynamic shaping and electron beam deflection

– focus oscillation

– power density distribution

– beam parameter product

– electron-optical viewing systems

– automatic beam adjustment

– automatic seam tracking

– electron beam technology for multi-seam and multi-processes

– cycle, multi-chamber and transfer equipment

– quality control and testing with wedge samples

– cost calculation and profitability

– job welding

– electron beam in solid and liquid phase processing

– additive electron beam welding.

English Edition
Volume 14
Juni 2018
H. Schultz
438 Bilder und Abbildungen; 25 Tabellen
1. Auflage 2018

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