English Edition Volume 15

Underwater welding technology: Fundamentals, research and applications

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ISBN: 978-3-96144-058-0

Autor: Dr.-Ing. Peter Szelagowski


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In 2015, our specialist book entitled "Underwater welding" was published in the German language. It was and is the first work to provide comprehensive information about welding under water in dry and wet environments. It has proven to be a helpful reference work which is suitable not only for users but also for anybody interested in the subject matter. Since April 2019, this specialist book has now been available in the English language too.

Due to the presentation of the individual development phases as well as to the explanation of important research findings and application-related aspects, the author, Dr.‑Ing. P. Szelagowski (an internationally renowned expert in this specialist area), skilfully succeeds in connecting the past, the present and the future. Until today, many findings from research and development in recent years have drawn attention to fields of tasks which must still be processed.

Experts know: In the early 1980s, the intensive activities at the Institute for Installation Engineering of the GKSS Research Centre in Geesthacht under the leadership of Professor Dr.‑Ing. H.‑G. Schafstall had a particular influence on the development of underwater welding technology with "GUSI", the most modern deep diving simulation installation anywhere in the world at that time, with the collaboration of university institutes and firms. The present specialist book deals, in particular, with the research results at that time which have influenced underwater welding technology until today:

  • Development of a new welding filler
  • Investigations into the utilisation of an austenitic filler material
  • Process developments for wet welding
  • Wet laser beam welding and thermal coating
  • Developments for hyperbaric dry welding with the TIG and MAG processes at water depths down to 500 m
  • Development of an orbital welding system for the hyperbaric dry utilisation of the TIG and MAG welding processes

The compilation of the presented ranges of results from that time leads to new questions and to the formulation of new research projects in the present so that underwater welding technology can be refined also with regard to the maintenance of offshore wind farms.

English Edition
Volume 15
April 2019
Dr.-Ing. Peter Szelagowski
Softcover; 263 Bilder und Abbildungen; 33 Tabellen

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