English Edition Volume 2

Welding residual stresses and distortion Calculation and measurement

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This book deals with the computational simulation of temperature fields, residual stresses and distortion occuring during and after welding. Computational simulation is understood to be the reduction of the typical welding phenomena just mentioned to physical models, and their mathematical representation in the form of computer programs. The main emphasis is put on questions associated with modelling. The material properties required in this connection are compiled. The measuring procedures which serve to calibrate the models and to verify the calculation results by experiments are described as well.

Welding residual stresses and distortion are considered as quality defiencies because they may impair efficient manufacturing and reliable operation of the welded structures. Manufacture-related measures before, during and after welding are therefore taken in order to keep residual stresses and distortion low. Knowledge about residual stresses and distortion can be obtained using calculating and measuring procedures. Computational welding simulation aims to provide information not only about residual stresses and distortion, but also about the effect of the aforementioned counteracting manufacturing measures, as early as at the design stage. The measuring procedures are closely linked to the calculation procedures. They serve to calibrate the calculation models and to verify the calculation results.

English Edition
Volume 2
November 2010
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