Thickness Measurement with Ultrasound

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Thickness Measurement with Ultrasound

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The main part of this handbook-like guideline is a comprehensive introduction to this subject, it is far more extensive than the abridged version, with a detailed introduction into the theory of ultrasonic testing, and also offers a basis for further study of the context both in a physical and hardware sense. This is especially important, because of the simple operation of modern-day ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment, NDT-specialist from other areas as well as a large number of other persons not associated with NDT is tempted to perform thickness measurements without the necessary previous knowledge.
In order to use the possibilities of the prescribed methods at the most, to have optimized application, to work with the smallest possible inaccuracy, to avoid incorrect measurement, when considering all of the above mentioned, this can only be achieved by a qualified user. This means, however, acquiring knowledge in this sector and the more you acquire the better.
It should, however, be considered that, even after working through the main part of this guideline, it will not replace the necessary training and experience required for reliable accurate results. The guideline can be a valuable help in the training, a handbook for the experienced examiner and a welcome support for the interested expert as guide, when this subject crosses his path.
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Januar 1998
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