The new dimension of welding simulation!en

Practical exersises and first-class theoretical knowledge

The particular features of Soldamatic

Good welders are very skilled in handling their working devices and have no end of specialist knowledge available. With Soldamatic welding trainer, prospective welders can train this important combination of practical experience and theory in an professional way from now on.

As the first welding simulator anywhere in the world, Soldamatic combines practical exercises relating to manual skills with high-quality theoretical units for the first time. In individual courses have been prepared didactically and reflect the experience from the elaboration of DVS teaching documents.

This is how it functions:

Soldamatic imparts the specialist theory in the first step. Thereafter, the understanding of the things learned is checked using multiple-choice questions, including direct evaluation an safeguarding of the results. Only when a certain performance has been achieved in the theory is the path free to the next step, the virtual practising of the practical welding task appropriate in each case.

The degree of difficulty of the course units rise continously. The practical exersises begin with the welding of bead-on-plate runs and, step by step, lead right up to the manufacture of fillet welds and butt welds in various welding positions. Throughout the during of the course, Soldamatic supports the practical exercises with a coaching system. This makes corrections and gives the assessment of each weld in an comprehensive evaluation.

All the tasks can be repeated any number of times on the Soldamatic and can be practised without any material consumption. As a whole, they impart specialist knowledge and manual skills using the most modern media on the "ready for the workshop" level.

What specialist theory is imparted?

The courses which DVS Media developed specifically for Soldamatic impart comprehensive speciallist knowledge, starting from knowledge about the welding process in question right up to safty at work.

  • Technical basics
  • Welding devices
  • Parameters ans working techniques
  • Welding fillers and gases
  • Weld types, joint types, and welding positions
  • Safty at work

The following welder courses are available for Soldamatic:

» Metal active gas welding (MAG)
» Manual metal arc welding (E)
» Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)*

 *available from the spring of 2016

A cooperation meansure between Seabery and DVS Media