Media Information

Our media information is published in regular distances and contains details about individual print media published by the DVS Media GmbH. That includes information about publication frequency and release dates, advertisement size, details about the printing method, information about the medium's outreach and area of circulation as well as editorial calenders.

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Publishing programme

Our programme is divided into two parts. We have made both programmes available for free.

Programme - Specialist Books / Textbooks / Software
Overview of DVS Technical Bulletins and Codes


Structure Analysis of our readership

After the last time in 2004 the DVS Media publishing house now presents the 7th structure analysis of it's trade journals SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN and DER PRAKTIKER.

With this survey we give the advertising economy current and reliable data about the readership of SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN and DER PRAKTIKER for analysing this advertising media more precisely. We feel certain to hereby present a basic decision aid.

Structure analysis DER PRAKTIKER (PDF)