Dictionary Welding Technology German/English - English/German

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ISBN: 978-3-87155-276-2

Autor: Dr.-Ing. G. R. Lohrmann


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The present dictionary of welding – German/English and English/German – fills a gap which has existed for some time in the field of welding literature. The German-English section of this pocket-book dictionary, second edition, comprises more than 5000 entries, the English-German section more than 6000. Therefore, while retaining the format of a pocket-book, the dictionary provides all the information required by the user. The dictionary caters primarily to the needs of German-speaking engineers and technicians in industry who, in their everyday work, are required to deal with English-language or American-language welding literature or have contacts with English- or American-speaking business partners. Also, the book is meant to be an aid to less experienced German-language translators engaged in the translation of welding literature for engineers and technicians. The German-English section of the dictionary is of special value to the English-speaking user evaluating German welding literature. The small format of the dictionary was chosen in the interest of the user. This implied a rigorous selection of the items to be included in the dictionary with a view to retaining only those items of interest to the industryoriented user.

The progress achieved during the past years in the field of welding is taken into account in this dictionary. In keeping with the underlying intention of this book, one of the areas on which particular emphasis was laid is the nomenclature of arc welding. Thus, in view of the great importance of gas-shielded arc welding nowadays, the terminology relating to this group of welding processes is dealt with in particular detail. At the same time, newer and just recently introduced welding processes are also included. In addition to the designations of welding processes etc, presently in widespread use, a number of obsolete, but occasionally still applied terms and also terminology as defined in the latest international standards are listed. The results of an evaluation of newer or recently published international standards are included. The dictionary likewise covers other fields related to welding, such as soldering, adhesive bonding, spraying, cutting, material science and testing of materials. An area which was particularly expanded is the group of terms relating to spraying. Commensurate with the growing importance of plastics, the number of terms pertaining to the welding of plastics was increased. Finally, a selection of the most relevant denominations for welding coordination personnel and other welding personnel qualified according to European and international guidelines is given.

August 2009
Dr.-Ing. G. R. Lohrmann
2. Auflage