How it all began …

As a task according to the constitution of DVS - German Welding Society", the dissemination of knowledge relating to welding technology already began shortly after it commenced its activities after the Second World War.

In January 1949, the first issue of "Schweißen und Schneiden - Zeitschrift für die autogenen und elektrischen Schweiß-, Schneid- und Oberflächenbehandlungsverfahren" was initially published as an organ and, as from 1950, as a DVS journal at first by the publishing house Friedr. Vieweg & Son, Brunswick.

In 1954, the Executive Board of DVS decided to found the publishing house and this process was notarially completed in 1955. However, the publishing house did not carry out any business activities of its own at first but instead had them performed by the joint undertaking instigated with Vieweg-publishing house on June 1, 1955. In the same month, Volume 1 of the " Series of Specialist Books on Welding Technology" was published as the first specialist book.

The trade journal and the specialist books were now supplemented by the technical bulletins and technical codes of DVS.

In December 1958, the activities of the joint undertaking with Vieweg-publishing house ended by amicable agreement.

The "Schweißen und Schneiden" journal and the " Series of Specialist Books on Welding Technology " were published by "DVS "German Publishing House for Welding Technology", Düsseldorf.

The former column in "Schweißen und Schneiden" became the free supplement entitled "der praktiker"

"der praktiker" was published as an independent journal.

Origin of the series of specialist books called " Welding Technology in Practice". The publication of lectures at DVS conferences had already started previously in the series entitled "DVS Reports".

DVS-publishing house began to cooperate with “VEB-State-Owned Enterprise - Publishing House for Technology" which existed in Berlin at that time and thus laid the foundation stone for many years of cooperation with welding experts from the GDR.

For the well-grounded training of welding technology personnel, DVS-publishing house delivered the first teaching media consisting of transparencies, films, series of slides, trainers' manual and course folder.

"Schweißen und Schneiden" was also available with an English translation of the specialist articles.

First publication of the "Welding Technology Yearbook" which appears every year.

The journal entitled "VTE - Verbindungstechnik in der Elektronik" was launched.

DVS-publishing house started with the information sheet called "Der Schweißer".

The English translations of the specialist articles in "Schweissen und Schneiden" became the independent English-language trade journal entitled "Welding and Cutting".

DVS-publishing house took over the ceramic trade journals "Interceram" and "Keramische Zeitschrift".

The international industry guide called "The ABC of Joining" was published in our trade journals for the first time.

50 years of DVS-pubslishing house - The publishing house was able to look back on half a century serving welding technology.

At the "SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN" fair in Essen, the fair newspaper entitled "WELDING AND CUTTING today" was published for the first time.

The first issue of the journal called "JOINING PLASTICS - FÜGEN VON KUNSTSTOFFEN" was published.

In continuation of the "VTE - Verbindungstechnik in der Elektronik" journal sold in 2004, the first edition of the "Microjoining Technology Yearbook" was published.

On the subject of thermal spraying, the "THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN" journal will be published for the first time. In September 2008 the "Verlag für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren DVS-Verlag GmbH" renamed itself to "DVS Media GmbH".

The internet-newscast DVS-TV, a subsidiary of DVS Media GmbH, goes on the air.