Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Note Digital Rights Management (DRM)

General information on the duplication protection.

To protect against unlawful copying of certain documents are usually setters due to contractual specifications in our WebShop with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) is provided.

The following must be observed when documents with duplication protection:

  • Requirement to open the document is installed, the Adobe plugin from FileOpen - the procedure for installation, see below.
  • The first time you open the document is attached to your PC and can be opened in the future even at this workplace.
    Exception: E-Books can at two workstations (PC) are opened.
  • Please make sure that when you first open an active Internet connection.
  • A later use of the document is then also possible offline.
  • The print function of the protected documents is may be limited and is in the item description.

Please also note our copyright notice of standards or documents.

FileOpen Plugin

They usually passes FileOpen automatically through the installation.