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SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN – specialist journal for welding and allied processes

Media information 2017

Technical-scientific trade journal for welding, cutting and brazing/soldering technology, including the numerous peripheral areas. Editorial topics: research and development, education, further training, exchange of experiences, welding, cutting, brazing/soldering, adhesive bonding and related procedures, material questions (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, basis materials and additives); calculation, design and manufacturing in steel-, tank- and vehicle construction, apparatus- and machine engineering; welding machines inclusive robots and controls; material testing (destructive and non-destructive); occupational health and safety.

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DER PRAKTIKER – The magazine for welding technology and more

Media information 2017

Technical trade journal from practice for practice in every sector of trade and industry. Editorial topics: welding, cutting, brazing/soldering, adhesive bonding, spraying, heat-treat, destructive and non-destructive material testing, occupational health and safety, design and manufacturing in steel-, tank-, pipeline-, vehicle- and machine construction as well as in electronics, material questions  (ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics), corrosion protection, rationalisation (inclusive robotics) und questions of economic efficiency, education, further training, exchange of experiences.

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WELDING AND CUTTING – Technical journal for welding and allied processes

Media information 2016

Technical trade journal for welding, cutting and brazing/soldering technology including the numerous peripheral areas.

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Mediadaten 2017

This bilingual (German/English) trade journal deals exclusively with the title subject. Application-oriented specialist articles indicate the newest developments and the state of the art for series welding and for the joining of plastics in pipeline and tank construction and apparatus engineering. Furthermore, the reader learns everything important from the sections entitled companies, quality management and standardisation, research and development as well as safety at work and environmental protection.

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THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN - thermisches Spritzen

takes up this technology in a journalistic form and publishes in two languages (German/English) not only applica-tion-oriented specialist articles about the newest developments and the state of the art but also reviewed scientific specialist articles. Moreover, reports on events, standardisation activities and companies ensure that the readership always remains informed about the latest development

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DER SCHWEISSER - Informationen für den Praktiker

Our DER SCHWEISSER information service is intended not only for the "welder in situ" but also for the participants in training and advanced training at the DVS training establishments. In few words, DER SCHWEISSER imparts practice-oriented information, tips and instructions which are useful to the practitioner while exercising his/her daily work. These include instructions about occupational health and safety as well as the easily comprehensible representation of expert facts and terms. On the basis of questions on different specialist subjects, you can also check whether your knowledge is up to date.

Yearbook welding technology

Welding related know how complemented with DVS information trade-, commodity and service directories are the yearbook's well known contents. It is active transfer of current knowledge from experts for experts.

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DVS Magazine

24 pages bulging with news all about joining technology and the DVS.

Fair Catalogue

Fair catalogue for the SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN september 2013

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Fair paper

Official fair paper WELDING AND CUTTING today.




Media package

Official media package for the SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN 2017

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